The Art of Ana Maria Plant

Part 7 -Red White & Blue – Page 46



Ana Maria’s latest series of paintings, entitled Red White & Blue, depicts the sentiments of a group of junior schoolgirls in a briskly choreographed fashion. Building on the rich variety of her previous work, she develops the qualities of her brushwork and bold presentation to express the exuberance of her subjects on their progress of discovery through London. Though not an endangered species, the junior schoolgirl is in constant danger of being somewhat ignored, and after a lifetime of experience with the said species, as mater familias and art teacher, no one is better qualified than her to set them free.  Whereas the groups of figures in her earlier works were often in static poses, here she presents them in a flurry of frantic action. Caught in the whirling vortex of their social programme as they head off for their next engagement, they certainly leave the viewer with a strong sense of perpetual motion as they go dancing by!

                                                                                                                            TJP 2017





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